Achieving this baseline is less about avoiding heavyweight than being ready for it; the point is not to get an empty bar form down perfectly, but running a mile and not collapsing or holding the perfect posture. It’s not why not look here fun at first. Who wants to be in shape to go to the gym? A program that’s all sitting in the hole, weightless lunges, toe touches, and wind-sprints is not sexy. Aren’t compound exercises, like the barbell squat, supposed to be healthy? Why all the trepidation? It’s a fraught answer. Compound exercises work just about everything, and it’s beginners aren’t just likely to gain strength and balance through those lifts, but expected to. The worry, though, is the subtle injuries and glut of imbalances built up from a lifetime of desk work need to be addressed by themselves. It’s not that you shouldn’t add weight to the bar, or that you have to be an athlete to lift.

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